Non-ferrous metalSolutions

The non-ferrous metal industry faces excessive capacity and requirements for integrated and coordinated industrial chains to fit the industry trend and the corporate competition pressure; moreover, it can enhance the control strength in the non-ferrous metal industry with information measures to establish the relevant control integration platform (for intelligent plants) from the digital integrated mode to integrated, coordinated and intelligent mode and further integrate operation and production control of the industrial chain.

The control integration platform (for intelligent plants) in the non-ferrous metal industry is divided into the four-layer functional architecture including the layers of digital plant, factory production and implementation, operation management and intelligent applications.

The digital plant layer: establish the plant models in combination of entity, products and processes, real-time acquire and store the data from the control system and the testing system during storage and production, establish the data center based on the real-time and relationship database and carry out real-time computation, analyses and exhibition on the basis of data and models.

The factory production and implementation layer: establish a manufacturing implementation system with the production logistics as its core and the data integration platform and the core database as the support, which integrates production plans, real-time production, production deployment management, production statistics as well as management of energy, safety, safety, indicators and costs. Support the uniform management of the basic production and operation data so that the company IT develops from the process integration to the company integration to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize resource distribution and utilization; moreover, optimize production, reduce the cost and better the company economic benefits;

The operation management layer: on the integration platform, establish the centralized control platform for efficient operation, provide the efficient and smooth information channels and the intensive control measures, enhance control over the company operation, and better the overall resource configuration and risk control capabilities through centralized control over sales, procurement, inventory, human resources and finance.

The intelligent application layer: utilize the data depository, online analyses and data excavation to process and analyze the data at each stage of production plan, production management, energy control, operation management, equipment utilization etc., provide the multi-dimension, multi-level and multimode decision-aid information supports for the management staff at each level, in combination of the production processes and the management demands, according to the actual production conditions.