KKS Code

KKS coding system is the identification system of power plant, which comes from Germany, in line with international standard (ISO, IEC, etc.), is widely applied for electric projects, throughout the whole life cycle of power plants, from design, equipment procuration, construction, production, maintenance, till scrap. Since the 1970s, most of foreign power enterprises have adopted KKS system; now in China, KKS has got increasing attention and utilization.


Luculent is the company that develop and research on KKS technology, and it has got a professional team during the process of serving power companies, including KKS training, expert consultancy and professional coding team.

KKS Code
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  • Typical Cases

1. Originated in Germany, and popular in 1970s, the power plant identification system is invented by German VGB:
1978, released as pamphlet, First Version of KKS Guidance
In line with international standard like ISO and IEC, and have got global recognition and application.
7th Edition released by VGB in 2010

2. Three types of KKS coding
Process-related code: according to the functions of the equipment
Point of installation code: devices in installation units (e.g. in cabinets, panels, consoles)
Location code: identification of locations in structures

1. Luculent provides comprehensive and customized consultancy and technology service

1) Consultancy

Construction plan

Processing parameter

Project supervision

Data test and optimization

2) EPC

Project guidance compiling

KKS data implementation

Data structure building

KKS label on graphs

Code management software support

3) Training 




Capacity test

2. Luculent, trustworthy KKS consultancy

1) Leader in domestic KKS

Have group level consultancy and implementation ability: KKS Overall Consultancy for Huadian Group successful acceptance in 2006;

Provide perfect KKS EPC or consultancy for over 200 companies;

Make detailed KKS rules for nuclear power, coal, gas, hydro, wind, solar, biomass, etc.

Over 10 sets of 1000MW units.

Group level EPC project over 10

Long-term strategic cooperation with several power design institute

Provide KKS EPC or consultancy service for several overseas EPC or BOT projects

2) Professional team

Largest professional team from institute and power plant

Long-term cooperation with several power design institute

In-depth research on original KKS guidance, and successfully applied in several international projects

Successfully hold technology communication and negotiation with foreign consultancy companies

3) Mature Method

Standard implementation process

Implement in module, quite speedy

Customized consultancy plan

4) Important support for the reliability and availability of platform support and industry background

KKS code management platform with independent IP, guarantee the quality and optimize the structure

As a famous EAM vendor, Luculent know the meaning of coding in asset management, and provide more suitable coding system

(1) Complete KKS coding data and EAM interface plan

(2) Convenient data editing, input and maintenance strategy

(3) According to EAM requirements, provide practical and data system for power plant

(4) Provide suitable and various coding data according to the delicacy management degree of the plant.

1. With KKS, standardize design and construction, promote enterprise competitiveness

1) Standard design and construction

Design period: endow all equipment with unique code, and adopt the same system for coding and identifying graphs, equipment, lists, signals, and cables.

Procuration and supply period: suppliers define KKS code before delivery, saving the cost of identifying after the delivery.

Construction and installation period: double check by graphs and the codes, to guarantee the accuracy and efficiency.

2) Improve competitiveness of company

Display design and construction standard by execute international standard, enforcing persuasion.

Satisfy client’s demand for KKS coding, and improve advantage by added technology value.

In international projects, by using KKS code, will effectively enforce communication efficiency and accuracy of technical engineers from different countries.

2. KKS is the best solution for basic data construction of assets

1) KKS is the ID for equipment

complete data structure

identification of devices

KKS endows each piece of equipment in the plant a unique code, and form four levels including unit, organization, device and parts, to make up a perfect asset tree, applicable for plant management, and used for various asset management software.

2) KKS code throughout asset whole life cycle

Through KKS code, connect basic information, maintenance information, asset data, technological standard, parts, and cost data, realizing asset whole life cycle management. Share the data, and track and use according to needs, eliminate information silos, and achieve high integration.

Huadian Group is one of the largest electric power groups in China. Huadian Group decides introduction of the equipment KKS encoding and identification system to better the corporate management level, standardize design and construction of the power plants newly built and prepare basic data for the group information.

In 2006, Huadian Group entrusted Nanjing Luculent with overall consultancy project of the group KKS encoding and identification system.

Upon uniform planning and organization, Huadian Group promoted the KKS encoding and identification system within the group, prepared the technical specifications of such system in the group and cultivated a batch of professional management talents.

This project has 62 power plants in the big scale where nearly 200 directors jointly participated. And through this project, Huadian Group and Nanjing Luculent started overall cooperation at the aspect of equipment coding.