Price Bidding and Decision-Aid Platform

The price bidding and decision-aid platform for the power generation companies is designed to support the marketing business of these power plants, fit the power market development and assist these companies in obtaining the competitive advantages in the electric power market through the system construction. Luculent price bidding and decision-aid platform is a platform of price bidding and assistant decision supports which takes information technology as foundation and the market as orientation to assist the power generation companies in taking the market competitions by use of the relevant market theories through the analyses on market demand, productivity, operation cost and financial status etc.; moreover, such platform can meet the demands of power generation companies, experimental units and the affiliated companies for the transaction support function in the electric power market.

Price Bidding and Decision-Aid Platform
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Based on the analyses and comprehension of the price bidding and decision-aid platform in the power generation company, the relevant market transaction support system covers market information collection and analyzing, offer decision making and analyzing, market transaction and benefit evaluation etc. at all aspects of market transaction, with its overall structure as follows:


To better the market competition advantages of the power generation company

The change to the electric power market leads to the unprecedented bigger market competition pressure in front of the power generation enterprises, so such companies require supports of the professional power price bidding platform to obtain the better competition advantages and accurately master the dynamic market conditions, timely and scientifically making decisions for the market transactions. 


To reduce the cost and better the profits

Through the construction of the price bidding and support system in the power generation companies, overall market analyzing, fine cost control and accurate offer decisions are essential to cost reduction and better profitability of such companies.


To support the management decisions

The price bidding and decision-aid system of the power generation companies is the market transaction decision support system for the power enterprises, while its business covers the management of the whole market transaction process; and it supports the marketing control of the power generation companies from its group headquarters to the branches, subsidiaries and power plants. As its business such as analyses of cost, offer and market as well as market prediction fully uses the modeling technology, the system supports the market transaction analyzing for the power generation companies based on the modeling conception so as to support the management decisions.

1) Company portal: The integrated Web information platform oriented to business application can integrate various existing management, office and document systems etc. into the uniform information platform of the company to get the common entrance of such application systems, integrate and exhibit the content or applications.

Policies and laws for learning and reference by all employees;

Key indicator analysis to provide decision supports for the management layer;

Information issuance to show the files and statements upgraded or issued regularly by the company in the directory tree mode;

Tasks to do which fully displays the to-dos’ information and expansion business application scope of each business module on the platform;

2) Transaction decision support: comprehensive analysis, decision support, offer optimization and knowledge accumulation.

Cost management which is the key to profit improvement of the whole plant;

Marketing analysis to provide the judgment basis for the marketing staff predicting the economic status next year;

Prediction management which can predict the production and operation situation for the remaining period of the current year or for the next year based on the predictive models configured in advance;

Offer decision analysis which assists the decision maker in calculating the profits under varied loads and predicts the profits and risks corresponding to a different decision plan;

Evaluation management which is a key component of comprehensive analysis management for production and operation;

Knowledge base with integration of knowledge acquisition and sharing to facilitate experience accumulation and jointly better the employees’ capabilities;

3) Marketing transaction management: the transaction analyzing and management platform not only excavates and analyzes the marketing-related big data but also conducts in-depth management and raise the corporate competitiveness.

Offer management to uniformly manage the branches (subsidiaries) through comprehensive analyses;

Transaction contract management to control various contracts and agreements related to electric power market operation;

Market settlement management, an all-dimensional and multi-function management system which integrates accounting, enquiry, management, analyzing and prediction;

Transaction management exhibiting the set contract and transaction results in month and electrical degree;

Declaration management which reports the data to the transaction center for price bidding;

Transaction information release which shows the data issued by the transaction center for confirmation and feedback;

Special work management for marketing to standardize the workflow and better the efficiency;

Electric price, quantity and expense management to provide the optimal offer and power curve;

4) Basic information management for marketing: it is the foundation for online price bidding and a valid path for raising the market decision making capability to support the offer decisions.

Market information acquisition, a valid path used to master the market information;

Management information system data, key data of price bidding and decision-aid supports;

Basic information of the power plant, which supports the offer decision through the basic information in hand of the power plant;

Basic information of the indicators, a mode of characteristic management for each company;