HR Management System (eHR)

Luculent HR management system is a technical platform independently developed on the basis of the most cutting-edge HR management theory and the knowledge of the corporate management information accumulated for over ten years to provide the all-dimension control over the corporate human resources of the group.

HR Management System (eHR)
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Luculent HR system integrates the group HR information based on the group management requirements to construct an information sharing network platform, wherein each unit at a lower level strictly conforms to the HR regulations issued by the group; and it constructs, controls and maintains various personnel archives for the whole group staff by use of the modules such as organization management, staff management, recruitment and selection, labor contract, training development, attendance control, performance evaluation, remuneration and welfare control and conducts salary, welfare and bonus evaluation as well as attendance control and staff training management in order to complete and submit various information statistics and statements to the leadership layer of the group headquarters for supporting decisions.


1.Establish the full-coverage control platform of the group and take the centralized, intensive control over human resources 

Luculent HR management (eHR) establishes the management information system of the group and its subordinate units from the aspect of the group control in the mode of centralized deployment and leveled authorization. The group takes charge of constructing the systems of organization, talents, remuneration, training and performance and it proposes HR management standards and methods and witnesses, archives, inspects and supervises the HR business of these subordinate units; moreover, the subordinate units shall take the HR management under the group standards, reporting various data in time and receiving control and instructions from the group.

2.Based on the staff basic and work information as well as information change logs, establish the electronic archive depository of staff information; provide centralized control over the employees’ information.

Integrate the static ledger of staff basic information into the dynamic ledger, such as basic information change, job change and HR business activity records for centralized management, and establish the electronic archive depository of comprehensive staff information.

3.The staff career management covers their work experience and occupational development planning.

The staff career includes his past (education and work experience), current (division, post and duties at present) and future (individual career development plan IDP) information; the such integrated information at these three aspects constitutes the whole career development history of the staff. Based on such history, it's possible to visually review the employee’s work experience, growth speed and current job qualification in addition to the future career planning information.

4.The total remuneration amount control under the overall budgetary system covers the remuneration distribution plant planning, prepare preliminary, Remuneration, evaluation and distribution, On the process , and total remuneration amount imply meditation and like this , Postal event , The whole process , And it can be used to monitor the , labor cost expenditure of the company ,

Under the overall budgetary system of the group, the system decomposes the total remuneration of each subordinate unit, measures and estimates the labor cost based on the quantity, cost and profit budget of such units to issue the total remuneration amount. Moreover, the daily remuneration distribution, calculation and distribution of the subordinate unit are controlled by the total remuneration amount. And the group will pay attention to the total remuneration budgetary progress and monitor the labor cost and expenditure of the subordinate units.

5.Take the two-line performance management according to the lines of responsibility control and full-staff performance evaluation so that the performance evaluation becomes more global, objective, just and fair.

Decompose the corporation operation goals to personnel, distribute the job goals and tasks to personnel, identify the job duties to personnel and take the evaluation incentive among the personnel so as to maximize the motivation effects of performance management on staff.

6.Carry out the talent management strategy and construct the talent management system.

As talent management is the core of modern HR management, it contains: basic talent structure definition, staff development planning, staff cultivation and learning, organization development (talent cultivation result acceptance and confirmation), talent checkup; and it shapes the 3D structure consisting of the talent system construction, talent development, evaluation, acceptance and checkup. So the talent management is implemented to facilitate construction of the talent development channels in the company and better its key job cultivation ratio.

Provide mature business analyzing package and reveal the values by layered data tracking from graphics, statements, original vouchers and appraisal traces.

It control some key indicators related to HR management and take the topic analyses on such indicators; for example: organization growth ratio, core talent introduction radio, key job cultivation ratio, key job talent wastage ratio, organization and staff performance ranking, staff structure analyses under various conditions (specialty, diploma, sex, age group etc.).

1. Standardize and specify the personal services to a larger extent

Shape routine affair procedure, work standardization, standard procedures, fixed process and management platform

Establish a software platform of the uniform sharing service center.

The information, mobile and intelligent transition of service management.

The service process results and quality can be measurable.


2. Better rationality and advancement of management measures

Taking the career planning as the blueprint and the job qualification and capability model as the basis, it combines the employees’ career development demands with the corporate requirements of the staff capabilities to introduce cultivate, reserve and utilize talents.

Establish a HR management expert team, take the scientific and cutting-edge theories as the basis to constantly optimize and better the HR management level in combination of the corporate operation goals and the current HR management status.

Based on talent management, establish the talent management system for the purpose of improving the staff engagement and job qualification.

Dock the staff occupational development demands to the corporate requirements of employees’ qualification and highlight the management focus.


3. Identify the management goals in a clearer and highlighted way.

To realize the corporate operation strategic goals, the company must construct its organization capabilities; and as HR management emphasizes such core capabilities, it's required to shape the organization and job structure and act as the business partners to assist the relevant divisions in constructing such capabilities for fulfillment of the corporate strategic goals.

Take the human resources management as the corporate partner at the primary business, providing HR management emphasizes its long-term and intermediate strategic goals as well as the annual operation goals to be fulfilled.

Exert the organizational, collaborative and leadership effects of HR management on the whole core capability construction for the organization.

Reconstruct the basic systems such as HR management recruitment, training, remuneration and performance, so that the whole organization emphasizes the core capability construction.

Jointly developed by Luculent and China Datang Group, “”the performance-cored HR management system was successfully elected as one of the information demonstrative projects for SASAC central enterprises in January 2010.