Intelligent Fuel Control System

Luculent intelligent fuel control system takes energy saving, consumption and cost reduction, efficiency enhancement as goals and smart control as measure and it provides “one-stop” solution of coal procurement, weight inspection (weighing), quality inspection (sampling and testing), final settlement, coal yard management, coal blending and burning, boiler combustion optimization etc. for the power generation enterprises to realize scientific, standard and lean coal management, reduce the fuel cost, improve the coal burning quality and optimize the boiler burning efficiency; in the service aspect, it can avoid prevarication among several suppliers, shorten the construction cycle and save the maintenance cost.

Intelligent Fuel Control System
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Luculent intelligent fuel control system can intensively manage the fuel business and further conduct concentrated monitoring over the coal yard and its peripheral devices through “in-depth combination of equipment automation and business standardization” to set up a intelligent fuel control system featured with “smart recognition, malfunction warning, remote deployment and smart prediction” for the enterprises.

I) The fuel control system is integrated into the fuel automation equipment.

The fuel automation equipment can take organic integration of devices and business and dynamically monitor each fuel device and business operation in a real-time way to meet the intelligent fuel management requirements such as remote monitoring and control and minimize the human risks for the purposes of automatic, transparent and lean management.

II) Digital coal yard management systemII) Digital coal yard management system

In combination of the devices such as laser coal checker, it can real-time simulate the actual coal yard plane graphs and clearly show the coal storage conditions in the yard, including location, coal quality, piling time and stock on hand.

III) Cost analyzing system based on the lean fuel management

It can control costs based on lean fuel management and track actual fuel cost, specific coal variety, blending scheme, delivered coal, laboratory sheet of coal put into the furnace and corresponding fuel supplier.

It can plan the fuel supply chain management as a whole based on the large fuel supply chain control to ensure sufficient supply. And it highlights the plans to realize all-dimensional fuel supply management including planning, procurement, allocation, coal yard, quality, settlement and payment.

The system can construct the fuel transportation network based on uniform planning, dispatching and monitoring of the transportation tools. It has the functions of transportation route planning, vehicle and ship monitoring, transportation tool traces, vehicle and ship records of each power plant, real-time information summarization, tracking and enquiry to control the whole process from coal loading and transportation to delivery at the plant.

It dispatches and controls fuel of the group based on fuel operation control and remote monitoring. And the system can automatically recognize the whole process of delivering fuel to the plant and require few personnel for patrol; and it can real-time analyze the fuel operation data on line; it uniformly procures and dispatches fuel in the region; and it can master the fuel market prices in time; moreover, the system can real-time track transportation.

It takes the digital coal yard management requiring the yard fixation and coal blending. And the system can real-time monitor the coal yard, burn the past coal and store the new, reduce the loss and consumption in the coal yard. It can real-time track the inventory caloric value, better the fuel utilization efficiency and reduce the management cost.

It can link to the financial system in a seamless way and support the uniform settlement and payment for fuel. And it assists the enterprises in analyses, traceability and decision making from the operation aspect to avoid errors or frauds of the staff and keep the accounts consistent with the fuel inventory.

It can carry out the quantitative analysis on the fuel costs and dynamically check the norm compliance to constantly reduce costs. With the data acquisition platform, it summarizes data of each plant and analyzes the fuel cost per kilowatt and the profit per day.

Jiangsu Province Guosen Asset Management Group Co., Ltd.: Intelligent Fuel Control

Jiangsu Province Asset Management Group Co., Ltd. established in August 2001 is a large provincial solely state-owned group engaged in state-owned asset operation, management, transfer, investment, corporate trusteeship, asset restructuring and other business approved within the authroized scope of the provincial government, with the registered capital of CNY 20 billion. As of the end of 2016, the group had the total assets of CNY 148.1 billion and the net assets of CNY 77.6 billion; and it realized the business revenue of CNY 49.2 billion and the total profits of CNY 6.6 billion for 2016; moreover, the group owns 218 wholly-owned and holding companies. And the group is the largest subject of local energy investment in Jiangsu Province which always acts as the main energy supply channel for the province and gradually establishes the energy supply system driven by electric power, natural gas and new energy with mutually complementary elements of “wind, sunshine, water and thermal power”; and it has the total installed capacity of 10.96 million KW put into operation and the natural gas channels 380km long so that over 50% of the provincial electric power supply comes from the power plants controlled and equity participated in by Guosen and over 20% of the natural gas is supplied by Guosen Natural Gas Corporation.

Guosen Group Fuel Project takes intelligent fuel control as its goal and the power plant fuel management business as foundation for lifecycle fuel management through the supply chain management and intelligent fuel process control to shape intensive and lean intelligent fuel control, so it can analyze and track overall fuel business, reduce costs and better the coal burning efficiency.

It covers the whole process of fuel management including fuel planning, contract, dispatching, acceptance, delivery and unloading, storage, consumption and settlement.

It not only controls the group fuel business from top down, but also meets the data reporting and fuel management demands of the power plant from bottom up.

Project Features:

It establishes management with the fuel expense indicators as its core and assists the group and its affiliated companies in improving overall fuel management and business procedures.

It combines SAP management system in depth for overall financial and business integration.

It sets up the fuel plan preparation and monitoring system from top down and the reporting system from bottom up according to the cycle control including plan preparation, implementation, supervision and evaluation.

It fully covers each power plant affiliated to Guosen Group and supports various services such as coal, natural gas, transportation by railway, road or water.

It establishes structured and unstructured data centers, provides statistical analyses on data excavation and comprehensive inquiries and real-time obtains the key information to further improve the company management efficiency.

It erects an intensive fuel control platform, smashes the difficult management across regions and supports the high consistency of all group strategic goals, the uniform resource configuration and deployment, the clear fulfillment of responsibilities and rights and the efficient coordination among many parties; moreover, it can support the efficient and compact management mode in the group for consistency among logistics, fund flow and information flow.