Building Materials MES System

Based on the demands and key points of the process manufacturing, production and control in the building material industry, Luculent Building Materials MES System enhances the integrated control over the production business, such as crude fuel, production deployment, process quality, energy control, equipment operation and maintenance, safety and environmental protection to reduce the cost and better the benefits under the premise of safe operation. The Building Materials MES System is constructed at the three layers of data integration, business integration and system optimization to get the information, internet, digital and intelligent production and manufacturing process and shape the industrial version 4.0 of intelligent production and manufacturing for the building material industry.

Building Materials MES System
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Building materials MES system takes the top-layer design guideline and constructs the integrated production control platform of building materials in the mode of “real time data layer + production implementation layer + analyzing and optimization layer + integration portal”.

Real-time data layer

Based on OPC Protocol, it integrates every production control system and the instrumentation system etc. of the plant and sets up a uniform data center to collect the real-time data during the production and provide true and effective data for production control.


Production implementation layer

The workshop-oriented production management technology and real-time information system emphasizes implementation of manufacturing plants and takes the management of production, equipment, quality, energy consumption and cost as its core process so as to provide true, exact and timely production management information for the relevant staff for the purposes of bettering work efficiency, management level and decision correctness.


Intelligent manufacturing layer

It analyzes the production history data to construct the relevant analyzing models for self-optimization and rolling optimization; and it gets analog simulation and automatic production operation based on the optimal conditions by use of the expert system so as to optimize the production process control, better the product quality and reduce the energy consumption cost.


Information integration portal

It provides the integrated work environment supporting information access and transmission. For centralized control over information resources, it uniformly controls knowledge assets and betters the organization operation efficiency. And with such system, the mobile terminals such as phones can access the system to obtain the relevant information and handle business for the purpose of mobile office.   

Raise the factory operation management level and standardize management mode, business process, work norms, systems and other aspects of the factory to minimize the factory management cost and maximize the management efficiency; moreover, on the uniform standard basis, provide efficiency coordination and lean management over business activities such as management for equipment, operation, quality, safety, energy consumption etc.


Lean and efficient production

With the centralized and flexible production deployment, provide centralized deployment and optimized configuration for utilization of production resources at the aspects of production, equipment, staff, logistics, process, quality, safety, environmental protection etc. to ensure completion of the production plan.

Visualized and controllable production process

It integrates the production control system and takes the modeling technology as basis to establish the intelligent plant and provide real-time monitoring, process optimization and real-time pre-alarming over equipment status and production efficiency.

Standardized quality system and lean process control

Establish the quality standard system, integrate quality management standard into the quality management process; realize the in-process quality control and optimize the quality process through automatic acquisition of quality data.

Analyze and track quality and instruct quality optimization

Analyze the abnormal quality data and trace its causes so as to instruct process optimization and guarantee the optimal product quality.

Monitor the equipment status to dynamically control equipment

Model the equipment to monitor the equipment status and establish the equipment libraries of faults and diagnosis, so the system can monitor and predict the equipment degradation and pinpoint the equipment defects in advance for accident prevention, providing the decision basis for equipment inspection and repair.

Better the equipment reliability and reduce maintenance cost for proper production and operation

The system acquires the real-time production data for real-time monitoring and dynamic control over the equipment; it establishes the strategic maintenance and servicing system for standard and lean management over the equipment maintenance process; and it analyzes, diagnoses and optimize the equipment to ensure reliable equipment operation and economic maintenance cost.

Establish the corporate energy management center and provide the transparent visual management over the corporate energy efficiency status

It utilizes the energy performance and basis comparison with the norm to dynamically master the full-process energy consumption distribution and change trend of the production procedures at space and time through failure alarming, online energy consumption monitoring and trend analyses. 

The energy diagnosis system based on big data analyses to optimize energy efficiency, save energy and reduce emission

Establish the energy diagnosis model and evaluate the real-time energy efficiency status of the main energy consumption devices to analyze the equipment energy efficiency within random historical event segment in addition to causes of energy consumption deviation based on the knowledge base and provide the optimization suggestions including the control countermeasures.

Intelligent business analyzing to support decisions

Monitor multi-layer operation of the group, the subordinate companies and the production lines in the representation modes of maps, graphics and statements, provide the comparison year-on-year or with the relevant figure in the last month as well as contrast and pre-warning notification and intelligently analyze the difference causes to support scientific judgment and decisions made by the group leaders.

Convenient and efficient mobile application 

The company can get its production and operation status and handle production, procurement, sales, services and other business with its own mobile terminals at any time; and it can establish a mobile platform for the customers for convenient, efficient business interaction and processing with the customers at any time to ensure the customer service quality.

Building Materials MES System mainly contains the management modules of production and operation, quality, equipment, energy, safety and cost for uniform and collaborative control over the workshop manufacturing process to reach highly harmonious and uniform relationship between the business scope and such business and show the control, material, information flows completely and clearly.

(1)Establish the uniform centralized data management platform, uniformly collect the real-time production data from each control system of the production line (DCS), online quality analyzing system, instrumentation system and others to one platform, and establish the operation monitoring platform covering the whole corporate production process.

(2)Through the uniform business platform, track the whole production progress, optimize and arrange the production deployment, tack the product quality management, optimize and diagnose the efficiency to improve the production management efficiency and better the product quality.

(3)Through the historic production data accumulation of the building material companies, analyze the key factors of the production lines, such as efficiency, quality and energy consumption, analyze and optimize the production process with the new technology such as expert diagnosis and analog simulation to improve overall resource configuration optimization, operation automation, real-time online optimization, lean production management and intelligent decision-making rationality level of the company.

Xuzhou China United Cement Co., Ltd. is a backbone company under China United Cement Group and a large cement enterprise strongly supported by Xuzhou Government. At present, it has two 10000T/D ultra-large cement clinker production lines equipped with 18MW excessive thermal power generation units, two of the biggest production lines equipped with the most advanced devices in the world, while the lines boast the design clinker yield of 7.2 million tons per year and all cement varieties of 4 million tons per year. And in 2010 Xuzhou CUC and Luculent Software cooperated and developed dual in-depth integration construction to establish an integrated control platform for safe production of cement which was designed in compliance with the intensive, standard, specified, lean and digital conception. This platform integrates production plans, production deployment, production operation, equipment assurance, quality control, energy management, safety and environmental protection to highly share the information of production activities and management and fully transmit the information at different level of production and operation with the efficient management tools such as indicator, cost, budget and performance management.