Technical Supervision and Management System

Luculent technical supervision and management system is a uniform, traceable and lean technical supervision and management platform constructed with the digital measures on the basis of advanced information technology. It is designed for standard, automatic, intelligent supervision and management related to the power generation and supply devices and their running states in the electric power system; meanwhile, the system can real-time supervise, analyze and evaluate the equipment status, operation risks and safety level in the power station to ensure safe, reliable and economic running of these devices. It can control the whole process of the power equipment from design, installation, commissioning, thru periodic and routine test, overhaul and maintenance to technical improvement to standardize and optimize technical supervision and management business process and enhance the internal control for fine management of technical supervision.

Technical Supervision and Management System
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With the automatic and intelligent measures, the system covers the whole set of technical supervision and management business, including regulations, supervision network, work plans, operation inspection report, statement management, warning control, equipment ledger, rapid declaration sheets, supervisory bulletin, information issuance; and it takes organic integration of all business components in order to realize systematic, standard, information and process management related to technical supervision and establish the technical supervision and control system featured with reasonable structure, clearly defined rights and responsibilities, scientific control, efficient operation and management innovation; therefore, the system can facilitate constant innovation and efficiency improvement at technical supervision and management.


1) To establish a hi-quality, rapid pre-warning system for the devices

Depending on the technology such as intelligent and automatic control, the system can recognize the operation data and parameters of the current equipment conditions to automatically check compliance with the requirements of the supervision standard scope, obtain the equipment operation status and give pre-warning tips, levels etc. for abnormality; it will analyze the malfunction causes and propose solutions and suggestions in combination of the expert knowledge base.

2) To establish the big data center for technical supervision and provide the scientific supporting capability for making decisions

The system stores the field information in the center database and establishes a stable, reliable and hi-performance technical supervision data center for data processing and tendency analyzing to identify the potential equipment risks. To realize comprehensive regulation and management of the company, it provides strong data supports for product design, process optimization, equipment commissioning, material testing etc.

3) To establish the technical supervision and evaluation indicator system for the lifecycle

It is required to establish a standard management system of technical supervision and evaluation indicators in the group/affiliated power plants and the system evaluates the effects of technical supervision based on the technical supervision and management model and the technical supervision data center of the power plant to analyze the causes and process thereof, comprehend the overall implementation of technical supervision and realize loop management for technical supervision. Therefore, it can provide the true and real-time decision-making information of the affiliated power plants for the group leaders, such as technical supervision standard implementation, device malfunction and statistical analysis results.

4) To visualize the dynamic monitoring platform

It can dynamically monitor, control and manage the operation process of the power generation equipment and change the blind management into visualized one and post-event view into real-time monitor so as to monitor the equipment safety and stability in each procedure.

1) Standard management: systematic, standard, information and process-based technical supervision.

Concentrated management of supervision plans where the tasks are classified and the staff assume their own accountability and share information;

It establishes the supervisory standard management system highlighting comprehensive management and synchronous upgrade;

It sets up the supervision indicators for the evaluation and analyzing system and provides decision-making supports for the management;

2) Lean supervision: with the visualized monitoring platform, the system enables clear real-time technical supervision, simplifies management and reduce costs.

Meticulously oversee the technical supervision process, visualize the technical supervision and management, and analyze the system status at any time;

Supervise the real-time data change, tack historic trend, flexibly analyze dynamic changes and historic features;

Specially supervise the key projects and devices in a meticulous way and conduct comprehensive analyses;

Customize indicators and statements, meticulously analyze various data indicators;


3) Professional treatment: with the corporate analyzing and management platform of technical supervision, the system can excavate and analyze big data and improve the corporate competitiveness.

Carry out comprehensive analyses, assist the enterprises in systematic control and enhance preventive control;

Analyze the technical supervision indicators, assist the user in getting to know the corporate supervision status and identify the potential risks;

Predict the technical supervision trend, assist the user in preparing reasonable plans of equipment inspection, repair and overhaul;

Specialize abnormal conditions of technical supervision and assist the companies in establishing the technical supervision expert library and the guidance platform;

4) Intelligent analysis: with the optimal management platform for technical supervision, the system tracks the problem and the technical supervision runs through the whole lifecycle.

Inspect and the lifecycle operation status of key equipment;

Realize intelligent equipment warning, rapidly and automatically classify warnings;

Take the statistically analyzing function and effectively manage the historic supervision information;

Carry out intelligent analyses, automatically analyze malfunction causes and provide decision-making supports for exception treatment;

China Guodian Corporation is a large comprehensive electric power group and a large centrally-administered company at vice-ministerial level which was incorporated from some undertakings and units of the former State Electric Power Corporation on December 29, 2002 with the approval of Chinese State Council and engaged into power generation. The group is mainly committed into electric power development, investment, construction, operation and management as well as electricity (thermal power) production and sales; investment, construction, operation and management related to electric power business such as coal, power generation equipment, new energy, transportation, high and latest technology, environmental protection industry, technical services and information consultancy; domestic and overseas investment or financing business; moreover, it independently develops foreign trade, international cooperation, overseas project contracting and overseas labor cooperation etc.

Guodian Group technical supervision and management platform is taken as an independent system for installation and deployment so as to realize data interaction among the group, its subsidiaries and its grassroots companies. Moreover, it not only utilizes information measures for technical monitoring and management but also improves the overall technical monitoring level to change from technical supervision to technical monitoring and better the health and safe production management levels of its systems and devices. Based on the techncial supervision system, it closely integrates its information management of such supervision with its development goals in order to effectively fulfill its strategic development plans and realize its general objectives of production, operation and research; so it can shape standards and procedures related to corporate management and realize resources sharing. In addition, the group has its efficiency up and maximizes its corporate benefits to provide the information supports for its modern management depending on fulfillment of its safe, reliable, stable and standard operation.