Engineering Project Control System (Owner Version)

If the investment company wants to better the control strength for investment and financing management, schedule control and HSE, how to introduce the information measures for such purpose?

If the investment and financing company wants to optimize its engineering control system and provide better services and create more values for its users, how to introduce PMBOK management theory for this purpose?

Taking the successful engineering project information cases from dozens of companies (in several fields) for years into consideration, Luculent absorbs the PMBOK management theory and introduces such theory into many fields for successful operation; it controls the infrastructure construction projects with information measures for the investment and financing enterprises and provides the standard engineering project management solutions at the corporate level (multiple projects) or project level which can be taken in flexible combinations, optimized and copied or even customized as required, in addition to “integration” and full-cycle information system platform for controlling engineering projects. Therefore, Luculent products are widely used by investment and financing companies for the relevant construction projects in the fields of construction, municipal utility, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, bridge, iron and steel, nonferrous metal, public building and parks etc., while this system can provide powerful measures for the investment and financing enterprises controlling projects.

Engineering Project Control System (Owner Version)
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To meet the life-cycle management demands of the infrastructure construction project, Luculent provides the life-cycle solution and standardization management system of domestic and overseas projects including “four control items, five management points and one coordination object” (four control items: investment and financing control, schedule control, quality control and change control; five management points: management of contract, quality, HSE, file and completion; one coordination object: coordination among the company, its branches and subsidiaries, the project department and all project participants) for the owners, in combination of the successful infrastructure MIS information cases for years, so as to deal with the key control segments and changes of the project management process and provide big data services for the customers; therefore, the solution can improve the investor’s confidence for implementation and delivery of the engineering project. 


Strengthen the design management for integration of design and construction

It not only enhances the infrastructure construction process design and integrates the design resources but also reinforces full-process control over design files and improves the engineering project design quality and the work efficiency for the purpose of smooth construction. And it strengthens the dynamic control over the change process and exposes the problem ahead of construction as much as possible to validly control the project cost based on the principle of first accounting and later modification.

Create the strong plan control for effective management over the project schedule

Starting from the owner’s control over the project schedule, the system constructs in many paths the well-planned EPC schedule featured with rational logic, clearly decomposed EPS and WPS and accurate construction term and creates the strong plan control through docking and coordination with various business resources to ensure reasonable plan preparation, effective control resources during the construction process and further comply with the project schedule. Enhancing the full-process schedule tracking and monitoring, the system can analyze and evaluate the schedule deviation through comparison between the actual schedule and the goals and between the designed and construction quantities and the standard, stipulate the countermeasures and reasonably optimize the resources so as to identify the optimal plan and keep the project term under control or deliver the project in advance.

Conduct lean control over investment cost and better the investment benefits

It not only constructs the overall estimation/budget management system of the engineering projects but also takes the pre-event plan – event control – post-event analysis. Through real-time acquisition of the actual costs, the system analyzes the estimation in time to the benchmark and early warns the risks to control excessive expenditure risk and control the project investment expense from multiple angles and dimensions.

Depending on the list of contracted quantities, the fund management system established can compare and analyze the actual completion amount with the estimated amount and monitor the real-time expenditure so as to conduct real-time comparative analysis on the responsibility and actual costs and control the cost deviation; moreover, it can take lean control over the engineering project investment cost and raise the investment benefits.

Reduce the procurement costs in the full-process and standard way and better the procurement quality

The product can not only fix the procurement process and standardize the procurement process but also specify the material control process and ensure orderly development of the procurement activities after the business control points are set up at each segment for procurement management. Meanwhile, in combination of the IoT technology, it can track and monitor the whole process of logistics and transportation. And the supplier evaluation and management system is used to pinpoint the corporate strategic suppliers and integrate the industrial chains for sharing profits and risks, so it is possible to better the channel protection capability of the project supplies and reduce the procurement risks.

Lean construction control for accurate project delivery on schedule

Integrating the construction units into the platform for uniform management, it provides the relevant management modules to facilitate the owner’s effective supervision over the construction units and the construction process and technically support the project delivery on schedule. It utilizes the handheld mobile appliances (RF reader and writer, barcode reader, spot check equipment, intelligent terminal, tablet computer and smart phone) as well as various mobile applications and mobile office at the construction site to greatly improve the work efficiency and the affair treatment timeliness.

Control the quality process to ensure the construction quality

Integrating the quality management elements, it complies with ISO9000 quality management standard; it introduces quality control into its business nodes to keep management recorded, process controllable and results traceable. Moreover, it integrates quality requirements into the control plan, identifies the control strength and quantizes the control indicators to ensure the project quality plan feasible, measurable and evaluated through reasonable QBS-WBS correlation. And the system strengthens control over the quality control points and enhances monitoring key procedures, special process and key positions; it gets the dual loops related to quality-related management and problem processing. In addition, it can control and track the full-process quality and improve quality through quality-related deviation correction, risk prevention and trend prediction to ensure 100% of the construction quality acceptance qualified ratio.

Standardize HSE management and keep the project construction safe

It provides the standardization system for safe construction and uses PDCA cyclic management mode to constantly better the safety management level; and it continually perfects the safety knowledge base and lays the safety foundation to improve the staff safety awareness and boost the corporate safety culture construction; it also controls the environmental protection, construct the environmental protection system and identify and control the pollution sources, constantly bettering the environmental protection management level; moreover, it provides a uniform staff health platform for the company and establishes the occupational health surveillance records highlighting the “human-oriented” principle to actually care about the personnel health; in addition, it establishes the preventive safety management mode in compliance with the modern safe and scientific management direction and takes the prediction and pre-warning technology or measures to shape the relevant system for the corporate safety construction and create the modern safety management mode of “positive pre-warning type”.

Aid the decisions and supports the scientific, rapid decisions by the decision-making layer

It constructs the KPI indicator system at the three levels of company, project and business and carries out KPI evaluation at each level to accurately master the control and evaluation strengths and support the analyzing and decision-making measures as necessary. At the same time, as for the domestic and overseas engineering projects, it constructs “the expert supporting system for the engineering projects”, exerts the talent advantages and instructs the project business through the remote expert supporting system, furthering taking remote instruction, training and diagnosis. Moreover, it can dynamically master the operation heath states of many projects at home and abroad and make scientific decisions in time, track and monitor the problem if any discovered. It not only analyzes the project implementation and real-time monitors the projects, but also provides the matching management tools and excavates the detailed reference data to better the active control strengths of the owner decision-making and management layers for the projects.

Centralize control and better the project group control capability

The standardized product constructs the project management system by use of the intensive and centralized control conception and sets up a uniform project construction standard and knowledge system from the global aspect to rapidly reuse the project knowledge and coordinate the group of projects for optimal resource configuration and better project group management capability. 

Support the decisions from trend results to tracking process sources

It provides the intensive management mode, obtains the traceability from the project development trend results to the project implementation sources by use of the engineering project control and supports the traceability, enquiry, judgment and rapid solution by owner, group layer, company layer, project layer, designer, contractor, construction party about any problem or risk element discovered during the project.

Based on the guideline and principle of “big data, first centralization ahead of analyses and constant standardization and adjustment of a problem discovered”, it fully excavates and analyzes data with the OLAP technology and constructs the engineering project management decision-making and analyzing system in the mode of management improvement by problems discovered after it carries out the professional, performance, benchmark comparison and problem analyses over such business as infrastructure construction, operation, human resources and finance based on varied key management points and the management levels and dimensions.

Efficiently coordinate multiple parties and reduce communication costs

Based on the uniform construction project control platform, the system fully understands various business items and integrates owner, designer, supervisor, construction party, subcontractor, supplier and operator into the uniform platform for control so as to realize efficient coordination among multiple parties and reduce the project communication cost.

1) It standardizes the market development behaviors and provides standardization services.

Standardize the services specified and provide the standard management mode for market information acquisition, project research and establishment;

Provide the comparison and analyzing functions to improve the project development efficiency;

Provide the functions of key node enquiry and traceability of the project implementation process for the projects developed successfully.


2) It not only standardizes management over the investment and financing process but also realizes the dynamic control modes including pre-investment plan, investment control and post-investment analysis.

Establish the budget management system and provide the evaluation standard to control the investment and financing process;

Establish financing plans, financing contracts, expense payment and financing ledger management system and take the evaluation management over the financing process;

Establish the fund plan implementation system, refer to the budgetary standard and control various expenses;

Establish a contract settlement and final completion accounts system, control the excessive fund phenomenon and the project costs;

Integrate the investment procedure into the system implementation process and reach the goals of pre-investment plan, investment control and post-investment analysis.


3) It plans the management system for the engineering process implementation process and control the whole process of bidding, contract progress payment, contract changes and final settlement.

Control the bidding process in the open, fair, just and transparent mode;

Dynamically control the whole process of contract implementation, establish the dynamic contract ledger and reach the dynamic analysis goal of the contract implementation process;

Establish the threshold and evaluation system for acceptable suppliers and subcontractors and provide qualified subcontracting team for project construction.


4) It applies the “value-worthiness” management theory and provides the complete management system for schedule-related plan, implementation, deviation rectification and analyses.

Take the “value-worthiness” principle and control the whole process of design, procurement, construction, commissioning and completion acceptance;

Set up the complete management system of schedule planning, implementation, deviation rectification and analyzing and dynamically control the project schedule;

Dock the P6 software seamlessly, import P6 software resources and data by pressing “one key” and improve the monitoring and management effects of the project supervisor on the construction schedule;

Provide the schedule reporting function and use the weekly and monthly reporting and statistical analysis functions to create a friendly office environment for the leaders making decisions.


5) It enhances the design management, controls the design changes and protects the design quality.

Enhance the full-process control, such as design plan of drawing preparation, file structure, registration, distribution, tracking, version and changes, and ensure successful construction.

Reinforce control over the design sources, better the design quality and reduce the project cost so that the engineering project can exert better economic benefits.


6) It standardizes control over the procurement process, reduces the procurement cost and improves the procurement quality.

Specify the procurement process standardization, properly control equipment supervision, material procurement and supply chain process and ensure orderly development of procurement activities;

Use “two-dimension code” scanning technology, track the commodity cases in the logistics process in combination of the IoT technology, track and monitor the whole process of logistics and transportation for overseas and domestic projects.


7) It establishes the life-cycle management specifications from equipment reception to installation and sets up the process ledger to meet the statistical requirements of the fixed assets in the equipment category for the purpose of final settlement upon completion and provide the traceable foundation database of equipment management in the production/operation stage.

Control the equipment list in the design stage and establish the ledgers of equipment reception, acquisition, installation and commissioning;

Set up the equipment enquiry function and satisfy the enquiries for equipment procurement, manufacture supervision, logistics, warehouse input and output, installation and commissioning process as well as equipment expense;


8) It can standardize the materials control in the whole process, reduce the procurement and project costs and better the procurement quality.

Standardize demand plans, procurement plans, price enquiry and comparison, procurement order, delivery reception and rejected goods management process and keep the engineering supplies;

Standardize warehousing, storage location, material acquisition, goods returning to warehouse, inventory, stock management and monthly settlement control process and keep the project development in order;

Provide the statement functions of the material management process and the graphic analyzing tools in addition to the dynamic material management and analyzing functions for the user.


9) It can provide lean construction control and controls the project schedule and quality to deliver the hi-quality project on schedule.

Enhance staff management and training control in the construction unit and ensure that the incumbents meet the field construction management requirements;

Enhance the construction technology control, strictly review the process of construction organization design, construction plans, drawing disclosure, technical disclosure and major work supervision, improve the engineering quality and reduce construction changes;

Drive the process in the stages of construction process management, project kick-off, stoppage, resumption, intermediate handover, completion etc. and control the whole process so as to keep the construction process in order.


10) It conducts overall control over the project quality, ensures the project quality in compliance with the benchmark and meets the production/operation demands.

Establish the overall PDCA quality management system for the engineering projects, fully cover key project items and keep the management recorded, the process under control and results traceable;

Establish the quality traceability and provide the management functions for deviation correction, risk prevention and trend prediction to provide feasible and executable data supports for the quality veto right.


11) It provides the standard HSE management system for safe project construction.

Standardize the functions related to safe production system, safety goal establishment, safety responsibility agreement, laws and regulations, education and training control, risk management for the projects and improve the management from safety to project staff;

Standardize the environmental protection system for the projects, identify and control the pollution sources, raise the environmental protection management level of the projects;

Establish the employees’ health record tracking system, exhibit the “human-oriented” principle and earnestly pay attention to the employees’ health to provide HR protection for the projects.


12) It provides the “living documentation” management function of the project process and takes the project knowledge accumulation in addition to the value delivery.

Standardize the all-dimension knowledge control structure of the project process management, automatically archive the project documents and accumulate the project construction experience;

Automatically cite the documents in the business implementation process, provide knowledge instruction for business implementation, raise work efficiency and quality;

Take management through the design file registration, distribution, tracking, upgrading etc., better the work efficiency for smooth construction.


13) It sets up the project coordination and management platform to provide office and communication environment for the project participants.

The project provides the office, communication and coordination environment separately for designer, supplier, subcontractor, supervisor etc. so as to better the work efficiency and the project coordination

Provide the functions of notice announcement, meeting notification, meeting minutes, project contact list and OA office etc. for the users.


14) It provides the production preparation function for the user and ensures normal, smooth transition from the infrastructure construction stage to the production preparation stage.

Establish the functions of staff preparation, regulations, training control, technical data preparation and production outline management, and provide the process control for production preparation so as to ensure safe transition toward the completion and production stage.


15) It takes dual handover of physical and digital plants and effectively integrates the data in the infrastructure construction stage and the real-time data in the operation stage.

Provide correct, reliable and complete technical data, specify the commissioning process and keep commissioning standardized, normative and digitalized;

For the final item, fix, confirm and handle full-process tracking and define the management responsibilities;

Analyze the causes and features for shaping the final items, establish the knowledge system of the final item management and gradually reduce the relevant occurrences.

China Oceanwide Electric Power Holding Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oceanwide EP) is a subsidiary solely owned by China Oceanwide Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Oceanwide) and an overseas power investment group growing rapidly. Oceanwide EP regards comprehensive profit maximization and reasonable returns for the shareholders’ investment as its goals and takes full charge of investment, construction and operation of overseas projects in order to effectively control the whole process of project construction and operation and ensure safe investment.

Oceanwide EP “integrated information platform of electric power control” is provided in many languages, including Chinese, English, Indonesian etc., based on the mixed cloud deployment to satisfy the demands for intensive control in the four places of two countries (China and Indonesia; Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jakarta). Through the integration at the five aspects of infrastructure construction/production, MIS/SIS control, finance/business, performance/business and group/power plant, the system can uniformly control many units such as owner, consultant, general contractor, designer, subcontractor, supervisor, operation and maintenance party and support the Oceanwide EP organization system of “small owner, big supervisor and big consultant” to fulfill the management conception of “flat, intensive, professional and information structure” and carry through the four principles of “consistent goals, responsibilities corresponding to authorities and rights, efficiency and usefulness, restrictions”, so it not only constructs the modern control mode for overseas projects including “owner, consultancy, EPC and O&M” but also betters the response capability and core competitiveness of Oceanwide EP in the overseas market.

Oceanwide EP integrated platform constructs a information management platform of complete business data sharing based on the life-cycle investment project management conception over the whole process from preliminary project development such as feasibility research, establishment, investment and financing, thru EPC general contracting and construction control, to operation, repair and maintenance upon formal operation and handover of the units, further to final handover control; since accepted by the user in 2016, the project has fully covered the headquarters and power plants of Oceanwide EP and took digital control over the whole process to greatly better and optimize the management capability for multiple overseas projects of “Oceanwide EP” in the infrastructure construction and production stages as well as the capabilities of resources configuration and investment control; in addition, with the functions such as risk control, decision analyses and performance control, it not only reinforces the risk control and industrial coordination capabilities of “Oceanwide EP” and betters the overall office efficiency and the comprehensive management level of the company, but also creates a outstanding typical model for “Belt and Road” overseas BOT projects of domestic enterprises.