Partnership plan

  • Project Partner Plan

    Do you want to catch the opportunity? Find your fortune from the interpersonal relationship? Or want to create more profit with suitable software to practice your service capacity?Luculent “Project Partner Plan” invites you to share the benefit and open up a broader market!

    Project Partner Plan
  • Partner Profit Model

    Partner Profit Model

    Feel worried? With large amount of client group, but former agent software can no longer satisfy the demand of clients? How to fine advantageous competitive when the hard ware market becomes increasingly homogeneity? Or when applying high end large software, there’s no suitable domestic replacement so as to get a higher benefit? Luculent LiEMS is your best choice!

  • Strategic Partner Plan

    Strategic cooperation is for long-term win-win consideration, based on common interests, to achieve deep cooperation. First consider the establishment of common interests, including short and long-term, and then start from the overall, take into account the interests of each other, so that the overall interests of the maximization.

    Is an area or a particular industry vertical influence brand, enterprises, associations, manufacturers, and langkun in the field of industry cooperation or all-round cooperation, cross regional co-operation and win-win market!

    Strategic Partner Plan