Expert-hailing App

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Function description:

“Didi expert comprehensive service cloud platform” takes the expert team as its core, professional services as the main line, and the award system as its supports; meanwhile, in the cloud computation mode, it boosts information, sharing and value creation of social resources in the company by use of the internet applications; as it is supported by big data, the platform is designed to assist the companies in resolving production problems, bettering the production level, grasping the market trend, mastering the firsthand information and improving the benefits and further boost the positive industry development.

Business process:

1、The company users issue the problems required to be solved and pay ;

2、The experts compete for an opportunity to answer certain problems through the platform;

3、After resolving the problem with his answer adopted by the user, the expert will obtain the corresponding reward;

4、The solutions adopted are archived to shape knowledge on the platform;