Const. Material Cloud Service

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Function description

The building material industry cloud platform constructed by Luculent is integrated into the major “internet +” project of the NDRC. This platform take the mode of “joint construction and sharing + industry consultancy service” for construction and operation to provide the mode of the next generation cloud computation featured with dynamic resource pooling, virtualization and high availability and give the “required computation” services to the users, so it can get optimal resource allocation and industrial transformation and upgrade and effectively support reform and innovation in the building material industry.

Platform value

Building material group headquarters:master its development trend; performance management and internal transaction handling; internal transfer price system; enhance centralized control as well as risk control;
Subsidiary and branch:better the company office efficiency; actively and in-depth customer operation strategies; life-cycle customer services;
User:improve the user experience; understand detailed data;
Partner:transparent cooperation channel; convenient market survey;
Supplier:transparent demand data; real-time transaction data.