President’s speech


In the eyes of a group of over 30-year-old cubs, although the automation control of the plant equipment was advanced in 1999, such equipment bought at a high price received rough management in the whole process from procurement, operation and maintenance to upgrading, reconstruction and scrap and there was no domestic company dedicated in the commercial development of such technology, so they found that the life-cycle asset management software integrating advanced asset management conception and the equipment maintenance strategies must have huge commercial potential. So they ingeniously combined automatic control technology with the information technology to shape the current Luculent.

We believe, the 21st century must belong to China and Chinese economy will obtain the huge achievements attracting the worldwide attention in the future and become the decisive economy entity in the world, while Chinese culture will become one of the dominant cultures in the world and China may affect and change the whole world at many aspects such as culture and consumption habit. And in this process, a batch of Chinese enterprises will get the unimaginable achievements and the key to boosting solidification and optimization of culture or consumption habit is software. So as a key member in the big family of the Chinese software enterprises, Luculent has become the pioneer and leader in the industrial 4.0 and made contributions towards construction of intelligent plants, parks and cities, highlighting new success.